Sega Happy Meals, it was something rather special the first two times,it's a bit ordinary these days. This time they gave away Sonic pencil cases, Sonic & Shadow 'magical pens' and Sonic measure rolls. To be perfectly honest, it gets a bit tedious visiting McDonalds while taking pictures of display cases and asking for happy meals, so this will be the last special on them. That said, I'll still report it if there's a new one to 'enjoy'. Alright, here's them pics;

Just another day, just another branch of McDonald's..

Can you guess why this picture is slightly blurred? Think hard.

Yup, not bad. Oh and the Pucca one's pretty nice as well. 

Didn't I do this kind of picture before? Yes, I did indeed.

There, a picture of the display case. Can I go home now?


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