E3 1996 (May 16-18)

The E3 1996 was one of the key shows for SEGA in the nineties.
SEGA's booth certainly was impressive enough with roughly 40,000 square feet at their disposal. One of the main happenings at the show was the 'shock announcement' by Sony to drop their PSX price to $199. SEGA had little choice but to follow suit. Naturally there also was the showcasing one of the biggest cult games ever: Sonic X-treme (of which playable material only recently surfaced). Apart from that SEGA also unveiled their Netlink hardware and its (browser) software and had NiGHTS prominently displayed, complete with the new analogue pad.

SEGA also faced the tricky situation of not only supporting the Saturn platform but also keeping their existing Genesis (Megadrive) consumers happy. Genesis software on show included Sonic Blast, Vectorman 2 and the (unreleased) X-Women.

Overall it was one of the most interesting shows for SEGA fans ever as the list of showcased games was simply HUGE and included loads of games that never saw the light of day. See the list below for what should be a pretty complete picture of what was there.



Game System Developer/Publisher
Alien Trilogy Saturn Probe / Acclaim
Andretti Racing Saturn E.A.
Angel Saturn Scavenger
Aqua Saturn Scavenger
Batman: The Arcade game (Batman Forever) Saturn Acclaim
Battle Monsters Saturn Acclaim
Bubsy 3D Saturn Accolade
Bug too! Saturn Realtime / SEGA
Buster Bros. Collection Saturn Capcom
Command & Conquer Saturn Virgin Interactive
Contra: Legacy of War Saturn Appaloosa / Konami
Crow; City of Angels, the Saturn Acclaim
Crypt Killer Saturn Konami
Dark Helix Saturn Konami
Dark Saviour Saturn Climax / SEGA
Daytona USA (competition related) Arcade SEGA
Deadly Skies (Saturn version on show?) Saturn Fun com / JVC
Dead or Alive Saturn Tecmo
Destruction Derby Saturn Perfect Entertainment
Dragon Force Saturn Working Designs
Dragon Heart Saturn Acclaim
Duke Nukem 3D (announcement only) Saturn GT Interactive
Exhumed Saturn Lobotomy / BMG
Fox Hunt Saturn Capcom
Golden Axe: The Duel Saturn SEGA
Grid Runner Saturn Virgin Interactive
Guardian Heroes Saturn Treasure / SEGA
Gun Griffon Saturn Gamearts / SEGA
Heart of Darkness Saturn Amazing Studios / SEGA
Impact Racing (Saturn version on show?) Saturn Fun com / JVC
Independence Day Saturn Fox Interactive
Into the Shadows Saturn Scavenger
Iron & Blood Saturn Acclaim
Iron Man X/O Manowar Saturn Acclaim
Iron Storm Saturn Working Designs
Kumite Saturn Konami
Legacy of Kain Saturn Crystal Dynamics / BMG
Legend of Oasis Saturn Ancient / SEGA
Lethal Enforcers 1&2 Saturn Konami
Madden NFL '97 Saturn EA Sports
Magic Knight Rayearth Saturn Working Designs
Magic: The Gathering Saturn Acclaim
Major Damage Saturn Capcom
Marvel Super Heroes Saturn Capcom
Mr Bones Saturn SEGA
Mudkicker Saturn Scavenger
Myth Adventures (aka: Herc's Adventures) Saturn Lucasarts
NBA Jam Extreme Saturn Acclaim
NFL Full contact Saturn Konami
NFL Quarterback Club '97 Saturn Acclaim
NiGHTS into Dreams (+pad) Saturn Sonic Team / SEGA
Panzer Dragoon Zwei Saturn SEGA
PGA Tour '97 Saturn EA Sports
Policenauts Saturn Konami
Project Overkill Saturn Konami
Raw Persuit (Saturn version on show?) Saturn JVC
Rayman 2 (aka: Rayman designer) Saturn Ubisoft
Sacred Pools, the Saturn EA Sports
Shining Wisdom Saturn Working Designs
Sonic Blast Game Gear SEGA
Sonic Blast Genesis SEGA
Sonic the Fighters Arcade SEGA
Sonic X-treme Saturn SEGA
Soviet Strike Saturn E.A.
Space Jam Saturn Acclaim
Spearhead Saturn Scavenger
Spider Saturn BMG
Star Fighter Saturn Studio 3DO / Acclaim
Street Racer Saturn Vivid Image / Ubisoft
Super Street Fighter Alpha 2 Saturn Capcom
Tank Saturn BMG
Tarantula Saturn Scavenger
Tecmo Stackers Saturn Tecmo
Tomb Raider Saturn Core Design / Eidos
Vectorman 2 Genesis SEGA
Virtua Cop PC SEGA
Virtua Cop 2 Saturn AM2 / SEGA
Virtua Fighter PC SEGA
Virtua Fighter 3 Arcade AM2 / SEGA
Virtua Fighter animation Game Gear SEGA
Virtua Fighter animation (Virtua Fighter 2) Genesis SEGA
Virtua Fighter Kids Saturn SEGA
Virtual-On Cyber Troopers Arcade SEGA
Waterworld Saturn Ocean
Werewolf: The Apocalypse Saturn Capcom
Wet Corpse Saturn Vic Tokai
Wipeout Saturn Perfect Entertainment
World Series Baseball Genesis SEGA
Worldwide Soccer 2 (aka: WWS '97) Saturn SEGA
WWF: In your house Saturn Acclaim
X-perts Genesis SEGA
X-women Genesis SEGA





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