NETLINK / X-BAND gaming: Duke Nukem 3D

Duke Nukem 3D was released in late 1997 for the American and European Saturn markets. Because Sega Europe didn't bother to release the Netlink add-on in Europe only the American version of Duke Nukem 3D comes with Netlink/Xband compatibility. Here's some gameplay screenshots, I'll add more in-game media in the future.

Pick 'quick link' to call another netlink
Select a profile picture, there's plenty of choice
And a name, naturally.
Set one Saturn on wait and use dial yourself
After a successful connection, the player dialing will get to pick the game type, level etc.
'We meet again Dr Jones!', this 'multiplayer' room was also in the PC version.
At the end of a match you'll get this 'result' screen
Not for now, but I'll make sure you'll get to see some nice action shots in the future


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